Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Top photo: Cacky striding on the Ellis R. trail, Jackson NH.
Middle photo: Mt. Washington from the warming hut, Great Glen trails
Bottom photo: Trying to get in the photo before the autoshoot shot, Great Glen trails

We had an awesome two days skiing Great Glen yesterday and Jackson's Ellis R. trail today. The Ellis is supposed to be "the most famous trail in America" but I'm not sure why; I'll have to google that. We had a great stay at the Dana Place Inn, including a nice big room, good food, and an extremely accommodating staff. We went back to Moat Smokehouse for lunch before heading home.


  1. Looks like you had a great two days of skiing! Glad you got some nice views too, to make up for all the times you've been in the valley and haven't seen anything :-)

  2. It's good to get away and see other trails. I'm saving up all this information for when I win the lottery and buy the shaker farm in New Gloucester, and turn it into a world class ski touring center with 100K of groomed and another 100K of backcountry trails.

  3. Sounds like someone is addicted to Moat. Did take down the ultimate sliders again?

  4. No way! Indeed, Cacky got the pulled pork sliders and only ate one and I was thinking that we could have shared it and I'd be fine. I can only eat six sliders after the GG300!