Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Are we mere joggers?

From a recent article...

Mary Slaney wants to run. Not jog. Run.

There is a difference. Jogging is for exercise. Running is for exhilaration. Jogging is comfortable. Running hurts.

But Slaney, America's greatest female middle-distance runner, can't run. Not like she wants. At 50, the legs and feet that have undergone an estimated 35 surgeries hurt too much when she gets up on her toes and pushes the pace.

So she jogs, every other day, five to six miles, at about a 7½-minute pace.

Ouch! I need to some PT for my ego!


  1. Hard to imagine 7:30 pace being merely a jog!!

  2. "The difference between a runner and a jogger is an entry blank." - Dr. George Sheehan