Saturday, February 28, 2009

And not so classic...

Cacky, neighbor John, neighbor Sarah (see picture above), and I joined lots of snowshoers and a few other skiers this morning for a fatass 3K backcountry tour of the Rines Forest, off of Range Rd. in Cumberland. This was all organized by by the Cumberland & Chebeague Land Trust. We had great snow and beautiful weather.

Yesterday and today, I tried to get some classic skiing in. On Wednesday, we had absolutely stunning conditions at Pineland for classic. Oh what a difference a rain makes. Yesterday I skied Riverside again, and the classic tracks ranged from +0.5 cm to -0.5 cm deep. That's right, the tracks were actually inverted in spots! This was the closest thing to running I've done since the first week of January. I finished after only 7.5K. After the BC ski today, I went to Pineland, expecting something sweet. Instead, the tracks (including skate) were ICE. I completely missed the klister (I used Swix Universal and Justin at Pineland said that I needed something much colder like Rode blue klister). I decided to just double pole everything, including almost all of the hills. I did about 11K. At least it was a beautiful day to be out.

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