Sunday, February 1, 2009

mid-winter classic

I did the mid-winter classic this morning - 23K of striding at Pineland in about 1:53. As I mentioned in my post this morning, I thought about doing the other mid-winter classic this morning but skipping skiing when we have all this snow just seems dumb. Plus I'd feel like crap right now had I run 10 miles. Today was the hardest I've gone in classic, and I was beat for the last few hills on the campus loop. Pineland is stunning right now and they are really doing a tremendous job grooming this year. The winter quarter at Pineland must be doing well; there are lots and lots of skiers, the shop is busy, the guy who does clinics always seems busy, the market upstairs with lots of yummy food is always busy, and of course the great snow year is driving the whole thing. Lucky us. Did a cool down with Cacky at Twin Brook after lunch. The grooming was subpar but maybe Pineland has me spoiled.

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