Monday, February 9, 2009

Good show

Ryan and the other Great Glen staffers put on a first class race yesterday, the Great Glen Nordic 300. But as Danielle said, we had some wacky weather. I met the snowplugs at the Gray park-n-ride and we had a good ride up to Great Glen. Ryan worked the race taking photos and video and posting pictures to the website after and even during the race. Cacky left me a text at 1:38 stating "look good number 64!". Danielle skied some then helped log in skiers as they made their laps.

Ryan, Danielle and I went to Moat Mountain Smokehouse in N. Conway after the race, where Ryan and I each had the ultimate slider meal - two crabcake, two pulled pork, and two bacon cheeseburger sliders. It had been a long time since I've eaten that much in one meal. We also had a couple of nice porters brewed in house. Thanks for the great day sparkmen!

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  1. A good day, I agree, and we were glad to have you along. Thanks for dinner, and great to see you skiing so well!