Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ants in my pants

I've had a low-grade respiratory tract infection since Friday almost one week ago. Not much soreness or feeling tired, just green phlegm and a little cough. But I've not wanted to aggravate it because I'm doing the Great Glen Nordic 300 on Sunday. Snowman will be there doing his job but not racing. Anyway, in the Nordic 300, they give us five hours to ski as many 5K laps as we can. My goal is 12 laps or 60K, which is a slowish pace, especially if the conditions are halfway decent. But I've never skied for 5 hours...I think my longest is 2.5 hours, so I will likely have trouble pacing myself and I'm likely to crash and burn not long after 3 hours! We'll see.

So as not to augment the infection, I've had a very easy week, doing about 12-15K everyday at a very easy pace. Today I even stopped a lot to talk to all the FHS skiers about states, the race yesterday, the race, saturday, etc. etc. So my body and mind are really itching to go long and hard. I'm not sure that's the mental strategy I want to take into the 300.


  1. I'll be posting the results, and I take bribes, so you can do as many laps as you like for the right price.

  2. Would I even need to go to do say, 16 laps?

  3. I am sure you have no problem as I rate you right up there with the must have the best batteries....

  4. Jeff, somehow I'm sure you're going to get in a lot of laps. I have to agree with Kevin here :-)
    I'm planning to come up in the morning for a ski and then will be helping out in the afternoon with some timing for the race. See you there!