Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pineland 40+

I finally got in a really good "overdistance" day. The snow was perfect for this; very fast but not icy. I also worked on hydration and nutrition management, including using gu and the little "sport beans". I've probably only had a gu once or twice before in my life. At the 20K point today, I had the apple pie flavored one from Hammer that I got in my race pack from the Great Glen 300. Thanks! Now I'm psyched for a huge dump : )
Distance: 41.95K (according to Motionbased. My watch had 40.99)
Moving Time: 2:42:28
Total Time: 2:56:39 (stopped at 25K to change gloves and ended up talking with friends for a few minutes)


  1. That's a whole lot of skiing! Awesome!

  2. Yeh, Wouldn't it be nice to run that far *and* stay injury free?