Wednesday, February 25, 2009

TMR TNS @ Twin Brook

I finally got out for a Trail Monster Running Tuesday Night Ski. My plan was to do classic but I threw my rock skate skis in the car just in case there were no tracks and I'd have to skate through a minefield of debris. I parked outside of the gate on the Greeley Rd. side and decided to skate since it was a long walk to the groomed section and I didn't want to have to walk back to the car. Good decision because there were no classic tracks set. Also good because I forgot to throw my bag in with my classic skis. Of course my bag also had all of my poles. No problem. No pole sessions are great training. Of course, these are usually 15-20 minutes. I skied 65 minutes. The A, B, and C loops were beautiful with all of the new snow. I started at 5:30P and sometime after 6 it got quite dark in the woods and my headlamp batteries were weak. I could see my Garmin ok (phew, what would I have done without numbers during the ski?) but couldn't see the trail at all. There was enough starlight in the fields so after a cautious lap through the B & C loops I did another big field loop and called it a night. I finished and was gently molested by Django, Eric's funny dog. Ian and Jim finished their snowshoe run at the same time and we headed out to Gritty's Portland for Fat Tuesday.

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