Monday, February 23, 2009

Finding tracks

I needed to talk to a colleague from Colorado State today about a collaboration and so used that time to drive to Pineland. I arrived about 2:30 and the ski shop and wax room were closed but the Market was open and apparently selling day passes. Nothing was groomed and I didn't even see any tracks crossing the field and I wasn't going to make them myself with my race classic skis.

So I drove to Twin Brook, which consistently groomed during snowstorms last winter. No such luck today. There was a decent pair of tracks made from wide touring skis and I hopped into these. I saw about 8 others out there, which is great to see given the fresh snow. Lots of debris in the woods loops. After doing the C, B, then A loops, I cleared the long, gradual, straightish hill on the A loop of sticks and did a series of no-pole hill repeats. So-so workout on the legs but a much needed balance session. About 8.5K in 1 hour.

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