Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mt. Washington Valley

Full report with pics tonight but wanted to get something up now while sitting here on this little computer in the Dana Place Inn in Jackson NH waiting for breakfast.

Cacky and I drove up to Mt. Washington Valley for two days of birthday/Valentine's day make-up holiday. We were going to ski Jackson yesterday but the weather was so awesome over the Presidentials that we skied Great Glen (Ryan's stomping grounds) instead. It was stunningly beautiful: the conditions, the trails, the scenery, the sky, the temperature, the (lack of) wind. Perfect. Last week I saw one 5K loop 10 times. Yesterday, Cacky and I did about 10K total and got up to the warming hut, soaked in a nice view of Mt. Washington, then took a really fun and fast run downhill from there. Everyone in the lodge was super nice. (Sorry we'll miss you today Ryan, but we're skiing Ellis R. trail this morning).

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