Sunday, December 11, 2011

Till we meet in hell race report

The 4th annual TMR end-of-the-season race was held at Thorncrag bird sanctuary and directed by Val, who marked out a sweet 1.4 mi loop with four segments:

1) steep climb on easily runnable singletrack
2) a technicalish singletrack descent
3) a longer climb with a couple very small walls that were run only because they were short
4) a fun, extremely fast run-out on wide doubletrack

I enjoyed the conversation on the first lap with David Roberts but he tired of my conversation or pace and passed me, which ignited my mojo and reminded me that we were racing. Other than lap one, my pacing was surprisingly even. I misread my watch on the final descent and turned up the gear knob to 11 so as to finish the lap before the 1:30:00 time limit, but then was told by all the runners pooled at the bottom/start that I still had 0:03:30 left. Ouch. I struggled through .3 miles of steep climbing.

Following the race all the TMs partook in some hearty drinking, eating, and awarding. I won some barefoot champagne for my racing efforts (Thanks Val!) and was voted biggest geek by my peers. Next post I will put something up worthy of that award!

Splits (each lap ~ 1.4 mi)
1      11:42
2      10:40
3      10:41
4      10:36
5  10:40
6      10:38
7      10:49
8      10:46
0.3mi   03:13.3