Sunday, February 1, 2009

Rest day

I was supposed to be in Rangeley this weekend but Cacky and I were staying with neighbors John and Sarah at John's Uncle's house but John had a nasty respiratory cold so we had to cancel. Instead, I rode the schoolbus carrying the Nordic team to the Sassi Jr. race at Black Mtn. in Rumford. James couldn't ride the bus because he had to get there early and "check out the snow". Right James!

Yesterday was largely a rest day but not a day off - I classicked (easy) the 5K course at Black Mountain, and then helped get the kids to the starting gate and then did some cheering (and then rode the bus back). The Sassi Jr. is a huge race on an awesome course. Black Mtn. puts on a world-class race (literally). The kids did great and had lots of fun.

For the month of January, I ran 5 of the first 6 days and skied the last 25 days (and the 1st). Jan 2 was my only day off, which is a bummer because I wanted to go run that morning but I had to get the house ready for guests that were coming up for the Boston meeting. I largely alternated classic and skating but got more K in skating overall. I did do 496K of stuff, again another bummer because I would have added that extra 4K in yesterday had I known I was that close to 500K.

Since I'm not in Rangeley, I thought about running the mid-winter classic this morning with everyone. But the idea of a week of sore muscles following the run convinced me otherwise. Plus the snow is so good, it is hard to not go to Pineland and stride 25K. So that's where I'm going. And then to Twin Brook in the afternoon to skate with Cacky. I have no stress seeing my running shoes sitting in the corner looking lonely. Have a great race everyone.

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