Friday, February 20, 2009

Gloucester Hill Sucks

I've been working Gloucester Hill all winter, attempting to step turn around it and this has resulted in some success and some falls. Today, for the first time this winter, I thought I would take it easy and just snowplow it. I caught the downhill edge on my left ski and was launched like an intercontinental balistic missile. I landed on my face. I really hate that hill.


  1. I thought about entering the extremefest against snowman but his pose in his last past was beyond extreme

  2. The fact that you spelled it "extreme," automatically makes you less XXXXTREEEM!!!! than me. I'm the Vin Diesel of Nordic skiing.

    I think that you have a Gloucester Hill block. It's all mental. But, instead of Gloucester Hill being in your head, it has you on your head.

    China Life Culture,you will like it.