Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rest day

I haven't had a true rest day since Jan 2, so today was as good as any day to do it. I've definitely had easy days - skiing easy for 30 minutes doesn't require much work - just no true days off. It was hard mentally because I can sometimes become obsessive. But I'm tired and a little sore from a fairly routine workout yesterday at Twin Brook. And it's now been 2 weeks that I've had this upper respiratory infection that isn't going anywhere. Tomorrow I'll be at Pineland in the morning looking at the snow conditions for Saturday's race. Then Saturday I'll be working the race with other Trail Monsters. Good symmetry there as MCN and SMBC skiers volunteered for the Craig Cup. Sunday I might do the Flying Moose Classic in Bethel, where I'll do my best not to come in last place.


  1. The body needs reat days and it is up to us to find that balance. That upper respiratory thing is going around...I too have been battling it for over a week now.