Friday, January 16, 2009


In this cold, the snow goes squeak-squeak under the skis. Skiing has been relatively easy this week:
Monday: 15K of easy v2 skating (followed by watching the middle school race)
Tuesday: 15K of easy striding at Riverside, 7.5K of easy skating at the FHS
Wednesday: 6K of very discontinuous skating at the High School race at Stark's Hill (Fryeburg)
Thursday: 10K of very discontinous striding at Riverside.
I'm hoping to do some heavy volume this weekend, starting today (brrr).
Stark's Hill was extremely cold but the trail system was a lot of fun, at least what I saw of it. The hill has a long and distinguished place in New England (and even North American) skiing. This was a skate race, so I skied to the top of the big climb so I could watch all the skiers and their climbing technique and who was fit and who wasn't. I did short, steep hill repeats until the first racer arrived, which gave me a chance to warm up my own body. Falmouth boys and girls both came in 2nd. The real test though is Monday, which is a classic race at Twin Brook against all of the western maine conference.

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