Saturday, January 3, 2009

I could be pool running...

I live vicariously through action films: Dogtown and Z boys, Steep, Step into Liquid, Touching the Void, etc. I was re-watching Riding Giants this morning with friends (or, it was playing while we were all getting ready to go do the Portland tourist thing). At one point, the various big wave surfers are all whining about how existentially depressing it is when the surf is flat. Cacky thought it was maudlin bordering on pathetic. I was absolutely empathetic. Because that's how I felt on December 31. But I beat the blues with my quadruple play new year's day. I needed that. I love running and when the ski trails were brown the last two winters, I was forced to pool run. At the Riverton pool. In the lane with the old ladies. Doing water aerobics. To bad 70s music. Tonight, after Sam's basketball game, I did a nice, brisk (7:37 pace) 9.5 mile run around Woodville rd. then to home. It's a great course. Good hills, nice pastoral viewshed (not that I could see anything at 6PM). Sure I'd rather be skiing, but I'd rather not be pool running, riding the stationary bike, elipticalling, or anything else in a 70 degree room with mirrors on the wall.

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  1. I tried pool running last summer when I injured my hamstring. Couldn't quite get the hang of it...I didn't feel I was getting a workout. I think I would rather be running even if it were real slow.