Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Day Quadruple Play!

Happy new year everyone! A long ski at Pineland was not in the cards so I instead did a half marathon spread across four events. I started the morning off with 2.5 miles of striding on my toy BC skis at Riverside golf course. Very skiable down by the river. I then did the Maine Running Co. Resolution Run. I was still standing in line for the bathroom when the 100 or so runners started so I took off like a bandit to catch up (after using the BR). I didn't know where to go so took about a 100 yard short cut to back cove but I was still a good 1/2 mile behind the lead pack. I was running at about a 6:45/mi pace, aided by a gorgeous tail wind, and finally caught up to the lead pack of Tom Ryan, Charlie Humphries, Carry Buterbaugh, and Danny Paul at about the 2.5 mile mark. A couple of hills on the eastern prom and then we had to run against a fierce side wind up Congress st. and then a stunning headwind for the last 2 miles back to the store. About a 7:01 pace for the 10K. At the Great Lost Bear following the run I had a couple of smuttynose winter ales, a delicious bowl of chilli, and a nice chat with Dave Diffenbach. I then got the snowshoes and did a 3.5 mile snowshoe run with the dogs on Blackstrap Hill. About 1/2 way, one of the rivets in one snowshoe came out and the shoe turned sideways so I ran the 2nd half in my inov8 315s. Finally, I ended the day with about 1.5 miles of skate skiing at Twin Brook. The field in the back near the "A loop" had some nice snow for about 100 yards and I just went back-and-forth. Good enough! I'm tired and need a warm bath and a cold beer.


  1. Thanks! I think it was more persistence (and a lot of sweaty clothes) than anything else.

  2. God Jeff, Are you a super man or something? I didn't even run outside yesterday, so I feel quite wimpy..........

  3. No, just superman fabrics! I went through:
    3 pairs of Craft or Sporthill wind brief
    3 pairs of Smartwool socks
    1 pair of Wright sock
    1 Craft wind proof underwear top
    1 Smartwool zip T
    1 Sugoi midzero tight
    1 Smartwool midweight bottom
    2 Sporthill Explorer II tops
    1 Smartwool hat
    1 Patagonia skull cap
    1 Mountain hardwear earband
    1 pair Swix split mit
    1 pair Swix membrane glove
    1 pair ski go glove
    The key was being able to change into something dry for each activity, which required some recycling.