Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Boston marathon...

I commuted to a conference in Boston each of the last three days. Each day I snuck out at 3PM to get a run in in between talks and posters. My Garmin 205 behaved badly in Boston. The watch was OK during Sunday's "Boston Wandering" run but the signal while running through the tall buildings was less than poor. During Monday's "Boston Common" run, my watch powered off near the start and I didn't notice and turn it back on until after nearly a mile. It stayed on after that but had really poor satellite signal. This was the 4th time it has mysteriously powered off since Jan 1. It never did this before. A couple of people have said that I should try a hard reset, which I'll do. During today's "Boston - Charles R.", the watch twice placed me on earth about 1/3 mile from where I really was! So it added something like 1 - 1.5 miles to my distance. Indeed I ran my 2nd "mile" in 1:40! For some reason the map above drops these two anomolous points but my distance computed in motionbased did not, even though I had the autocorrect feature on. My running distance over the three runs was about 22.5 miles. Add the 6X.75 mi walk back and forth between South Station and the conference hotel and that's about 27 miles. But the only hill I did was the small one in Boston Common. It looks like it would be a fun sledding hill, but it was certainly no heartbreak.

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