Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Golf courses are good for easy workouts and learning technique (and golf!). Riverside GC is only about 1 mile from my house, so it has that advantage too. I practiced my striding today using my waxless, toy BC skis. I had to use these because my classic boots, which fit my race skis, have not arrived in the mail yet. 8 miles in 91 minutes. I don't think I'm ready to enter the American Birkebeiner yet, but that is as many miles as all my previous classic skis combined.


  1. I think I'd like to do the Birkie some day, but not so much that I've ever thought seriously about doing it. And, linking to me with regards to golf is a lot like linking to me with regards to tanning.

  2. Until I find pics of Ian & Emma tearing up the links at Highland on the Green (Green on the Highland?) in their See you Jimmy Hat's, I'll have to keep linking all golf references to you!