Sunday, January 25, 2009


Great day to end a big week. Cacky made a heaping pile of blueberry pancakes, applewood smoked bacon, and maple sausage. Ummmm. Then we went to Riverside; she for a skate skiing lesson and I to do some striding. Then I ate a quick lunch, which did not include my leftover bacon because Rodney pinched what was left off the counter. Then I went to pineland, waxed my skate skis, and did all 23.5K. This was followed by a delicious tortellini and cream sauce dinner and yummy birthday cake, which Cacky makes every year. Then a glass of scotch with my bro-in-law and an Old Thumper with Cacky and neighbors Sarah and John. Then some fun reading. I did 86.5 miles of skiing this week. Seems like a lot and certainly my biggest week ever. Did all of Pineland on 4 different days. But then most of the trail monsters have done more miles than this in one day of running! Ouch!


  1. Wow! ......all the fun and eating good too!

  2. "yummy birthday cake..." Did we miss your birthday?! If so, happy belated b-day and sounds like you had a great day for it :-) Nice skiing you've been doing too!