Friday, January 23, 2009


Sweet. I needed to go to Pineland Farms this morning to tack my flyer for the Valentine's Day Race & Relay on the wall of the waxing room. What's a guy to do when at a world-class ski touring center and 3 hours to spare before a department meeting? Ski all the trails! This was by far my longest classic ski to date. I skipped the field trails, was around 21.5K with only the last half of the access trail to go, and feeling great. But then I had dropped my water bottle earlier and asked a pair of skiers about it, since they were coming from the direction I had dropped it. Yes it was by the yurt they said. So I added another 3K skiing down to the yurt and back. More significantly, I added all that climb and the combination of loss of kick wax and/or loss of muscle strength killed me. I'm beat...but really psyched about my 25K classic ski.
Distance: 24.6K
Total Time: 2:14:37
Food: oatmeal, 2 bananas, high pulp OJ, ham & cheese sandwich, bbq potato chips, 2 debbies chocolate chip cookies, 1 naval orange, Eli's strawberry soda.

Total ski days this winter: 27


  1. Did you flex your skis according so you could account for that backpack full of food?

  2. No, my skis were engineered by friends of mine at MIT, who added to the core a new synthetic polymer that maintains the optimal window of curvature under widely varying load due to a dynamically responsive Young's modulus. Sweet huh?