Sunday, January 18, 2009

Does the Back Yard count as Back Country Skiing?

I wanted to get in 30K today at Pineland and was not expecting much snow until after 1PM. By 10AM, we had 6" in the driveway so I had already resigned to doing 1 lap of the River Valley loop while Cacky was getting a lesson from Tim Corcoran. It took us 45 minutes to get there on really, really bad roads. Tim and Cacky abandoned the skating lesson after about 2 minutes and I abandoned my ski of the river trail before even getting there. The drive back took closer to 1 hour. The roads were worse and our windshield kept icing up. We had a good foot in the drive by the time we got back and were plowed out, so we had to call the kids to come out and shovel just so we could pull into the drive (It's good having 3 boys). I thought about taking the dogs on a snowshoe on Blackstrap Ridge, but I was still de-stressing from my drive and wasn't excited about getting back in the car - even for a 1/2 mile drive. So I popped into my toy BC skis and did 5K in the back yard, I think it was about 15 laps. The dogs quit after 3 laps. Sasha wanted to jump the fence and go long. Rodney just wanted me to throw the rubber stick toy that he had uncovered. 30K would have been around 90 laps, so I was 75 laps short. Darn. It would have been a great morning to snowshoe Bradbury. I hope everyone had a safe trip there.

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  1. According to Ian, it was a good trip and apparently he got there and back safe, but he was pretty lonely. Nobody else showed: