Sunday, January 11, 2009

Full Moon Ski

Cacky and I drove to the Bethel Inn xc ski center in the morning to meet the Falmouth HS and MS nordic teams at the Bethel Inn. Great sun, great snow. Conditions were beautiful. Corkscrew is a windy technical trail. The Pine Hill competition trails behind Gould even moreso. Cacky took a skating lesson in the morning while I skied with some of the HS kids. This was supposed to be another of James Demer's long-and-don't-stop-till-lunch-days. I skied Pine Hill with the faster boys who stopped at the stadium (where the races start and end) to talk about their MS nightmares on this course and who stopped every other intersection to hold a committee meeting about taking this trail, or that trail, or going back to the Bethel Inn side. James has the reputation of keeping these guys on the move; no stopping. I didn't do such a good job of that.

In the afternoon, Cacky took off with another mom and I went out with my son Will, who is a new skier, and skied on my classic skis, with my new classic boots, so this was my first official classic ski! Woohoo. Good stuff. I certainly felt like I was doing what the guy in the video was doing but I was moving awfully slowly! I'm going to work on that at Pineland today.

In the evening, Cacky and I joined our friends and the Coastal Nordic Ski Club at a Potluck dinner and full moon ski on the Oak Hill loop at Pineland. The moonlight skiing was awesome! It was a thin cloud cover but more than enough moonlight to ski without a headlamp.

Total distance - 20 miles
Total moving time - 2 hrs. 46 min.
Food - oatmeal, turkey sandwich, 5 chocolate chip cookies, 1 pb&j, 1 sampler plate (including about 4 types of mac & cheese, meatloaf, and quiche), and 1 apple crumb thing.

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