Sunday, June 28, 2009


I was googling piriformis and roller skiing yesterday because I thought I might go out for an inline skate (don't have roller skis) instead of a run. I came across this page, a personal testimony of how one guy (thinks that he) solved his piriformis injury. His logic is here.
Pretty speculative. Regardless, it did remind me how good my butt felt the morning after my Mt. Washington race. So instead of inline skiing, I went incline running. That is, to the Costello Sports Complex at USM's Gorham campus to do an inclined treadmill run. I've boasted alot about how I never run treadmills and the only way I'll run is outside, the way running should be. Oh well, I've surrendered.

[I wrote a bunch here about my first treadmill experience but used the less than sign which blogger thought was html code so managed to delete everything. So I'll just say that I ran about 20 minutes at 10% and 20 minutes at 11% then played around with going up to 15%]

time: 41 minutes
elevation gain: 1850 feet
distance: 3.52 mi

The time is 20s more than my Mt. Washington 1/2 split but the elevation and distance are a little less. I didn't have my HR monitor on which is too bad because I would like to have seen how much work I was doing. My only reference is my breathing rate, which was 3 cycles/breath, which is typical of a fast aerobic pace.

This morning my butt is slightly better than yesterday morning, so it's no worse for the wear. Don't know if I'll continue to do inclined treadmill running this week, or pool running, or trail running.

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  1. Simple deduction has it's merits but not as an answer so much as a direction to explore. Wearing a backpack is an avenue of consideration to see if there is enough evidence to support the statement.

    So you explored the action of running on an incline and at least concluded that it did not agrivate the injury thus hinting that this could be a cross train activity while healing.