Monday, June 15, 2009

The rockpile & Evidence-based medicine

Ryan, Danielle, Mindy and I had a great recon mission to Mt. Washington yesterday. We saw a mother bear and two cubs just as we were exiting the woods onto the fields at the base of the auto road. One bear cub was climbing a tree and less than 20 feet from our car and at eye-level, since the base of the tree was well below road level. It scooted up, saw us, thought for a few seconds, then scooted back down. Everyone had their camera for mama, which had been in the road, but we were all too goo-goo eyed and soft in the brain to take a picture. It looked pretty much like this. But Danielle got a nice picture of the mum.

Following the recon, we ran about 4 miles of the sweet ski trail and single track at Great Glen. The ski trail is very much like Pineland, but it's great fun to mix it with single track. Note.To.Pineland. Then of course we went to Mote and ate too much. Thanks Ryan & Danielle for driving and the tour. And thanks for not playing any Motley Crue.

And this morning, I wrote my prelude to evidence-based medicine based on my piriformis injury (the doctor thinks my injury is the piriformis and not g. maximus because the former is common in runners. The piriformis runs immediately deep to g. maximus. When I message the site of injury I'm massaging both the g. maximus and piriformis).

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