Saturday, June 13, 2009


Rode the pseudo-quasi-toy cyclocross/touring bike (aka the early 90s Bianchi Volpe) for my longest ride to date - 44 miles! I now have total respect for tri-dudes that ride 112 miles following a 3.2 mi swim and just before a 26.2 mi run. There's a sweet old farmhouse for rent on S. freeport rd. - would like to buy it. I think I rode by Chuck's house on the way out to Bradbury. Went in the parking lot then exited the trail crossing to the non-mountain side (woohoo, cyclocross!). Headed to Pineland and had to get out of the saddle to climb some steep hills on the way (I essentially never leave the saddle). Stopped at the Visitor's center at Pineland to get a tiny tube of very expensive sunscreen and 2Xdebbie's cookies, which just fit in my seat bag for a post-ride treat. Had to fight a small wind on the way home. Now I'm ready for a 50+ miler.

Distance 43.8 miles
Moving Time 2:36:00
Total Time 2:47:47 (stopped at Pineland)
Moving Speed 16.8 mph
Elevation Gain 3004


  1. Nice pace Jeff! I think you're ready for a century ride :)

  2. My ass hurts just thinking about it...