Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New route at TMR TNR

Tonight we had a big group at Trail Monster Running's Tuesday Night Run at Twin Brook, including the usual suspects as well as Tom Whitaker who I have met at races but hadn't seen at the TNRs and Four Hewes, who I met at my Close to the Coast ski race this winter. Lots of others out running the trails; I'm sure the town of Cumberland (and the Coastal Nordic Ski Club) is happy to see these trails being well used. The map above shows the route we ran tonight (red) on the back cloverleaf section compared to the usual route (green). Several trails are closed and they routed us through some of the interior (on trails that have always been there) and one new parallel trail that was recently cut. Regardless, nearly all of this part of the trail system is extremely muddy. But it still doesn't touch the shoe sucking mud of the trail entering the creek crossing. By contrast, the trail on the Tuttle road (the Craig Cup) side has drained the rain beautifully.

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