Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Twin Brook mud

Trails are drying everywhere, except the stream-crossing trail and the cloverleaf trail at Twin Brook, which remain as muddy as evah. In the photo above are my new NB 790 trail racing shoes that arrived in the mail just before heading out to Twin Brook to run in the TMR TNR. They= 790s are very, very lightweight but not as flexible as the Inov8 x-talons. This was my first run in them and they felt great. They should be awesome for a dry Pineland 25K race. I actually wasn't sure if I was just going to walk for an hour or run, but I opted for the latter, largely because I wanted to see if it aggravated my m.g.m. This morning it seems no worse, just mildly sore. Also in the run were Emma, Ian, Eric, James, Alan, Jim, and Nicole. I didn't join the sprints tonight. The first sprint was James v. Alan. I don't think Alan realized it was a sprint - I think he saw James take off so he took off too. And quickly passed James on the steepest part of the uphill. James easily passed him after that since I think Alan left it all on the hill. Nobody did the 2nd sprint, I think because James was off looking for Mory. The final sprint was James v. Ian and they ran hard in a stiff wind. James "pull me Ian" Demer sat on Ian's tail letting Ian do all the work.

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