Saturday, May 2, 2009

bird report

Runners at the weekly TMR SMR @ Pineland Farms were treated to the first really nice morning filled with the songs of spring migrants. I don't recognize as many songs as I used to, but the Black throated green warblers were thick everywhere. There were a few Northern parula and black and white warblers. But the star was the blue-winged warbler to the left of the path that crosses the fields on the way to the river loop.


  1. Dang, I missed them. Black and white warblers are among my favorites. Definitely a fun place to spot birds.

  2. Warbler heaven! Nice.

    I have to agree with Jamie, I love those little black and white warblers. Whenever I spotted them during our AT miles, they always made me smile :-) Hopefully there will be some good birds tomorrow up in Camden too!

  3. wow, I must run in a cloud cause I can't remember seeing a bird at Pineland......that's sick isn't it?

    It can't be from running too fast so perhaps it is from running fatigued!!

  4. Well I didn't see any of these birds. Only heard them. That is the beauty of birding-by-ear. But I agree with Jamie and Sparkplug that it is great fun to watch these little guys, especially if you get close enough to watch them without binoculars. Amazing endurance machines. They've been flying from central and south america and some still have a few hundred miles to go.