Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Camden Hills V. Seven Sisters

So how do the Ocho de Camden compare to the Seven Sisters? I've not done the latter but I downloaded the gps data from someone else's race from motionbased.com*. The chart above is the elevation profile of the 7 sisters (out and back) and of our trail monster Tour de Camden Hills**. The major qualitative difference is that Camden has fewer, higher climbs while Seven sisters has more, shorter climbs. The total climb for Camden*** was 3624 feet over 15.3 miles, or 237 feet/mile, and that for Seven Sisters was 2553 feet over 11.1 miles, or 212 feet/mile. So the difference at least hill wise is, do you like a few long steep hills or do you like many short steep hills?

* There were several race files and the distance varied but the 11.1 mile file looked pretty clean so I used this.
** I used the same spline smoothing algorithm for each file, not the raw data and not the motionbased algorithm.
***My profile is smoother than the motion based profile so the total climb estimated by me will be less than that of motionbased (which is more accurate is anyone's guess)

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