Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Another Tuesday Another sprint

Jim, Chuck, Jack (May), Scott (Ellis) and I carried the torch at Twin Brook tonight. Eric was there with Django but didn't join us. The explanation had to wait about 1/2 hour later when we saw him running with Jana from Pineland. Way to take one for the team Eric and wait for her to arrive. Since Ian wasn't there, we didn't have anyone to lead us across the brook so we took the long route around. The first couple miles were at a nice casual pace and it was good to talk to Scott and Jack. The 2nd half of the run, of course, has the newly implement sprints. I took off on the first one (about 260 meters) and put the hammer down. Jim didn't grab my shirt this week but Jack still caught me and we pushed each other hard - really hard becasue this one is uphill in the field- but he had more kick in the end. I'm not sure if Scott joined in and I know Chuck was taking it easy because he's running Sugarloaf as a warmup to Pineland. We kept a steady pace until the 2nd sprint (about 480 meters). This sprint is fun because its on the twisty-turny C loop and its feels great to lean into the corners. Jack again caught me about 1/2 way through but this time passed me. He then mocked me by staying in close range. Or maybe he was trying to pull me faster. Regardless, he had way to much power for me. We again dropped back to a sane pace and this time Chuck didn't hammer it home. On the 3rd sprint (about 550 meters), I took off as usual. No one ever caught me so Jack must have let me win this one. Scott and I finished the run with a barefoot lap around all the fields (about 1.3 miles). Scott wanted to dip into the woods but I was too much of a wimp. The grass felt really good. I'm limiting my sprints next week to <<100 meters but I want to see Ian going the distance.

Total Distance - 7.5 miles
Total time - 1:02:53

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