Monday, May 18, 2009

Piscataqua crossing

I hate not running. I love not running. I strained my left gluteus maximus Friday hill running. The run at Pineland Saturday morning aggravated it more. Yesterday I went for a short walk and it was painful *walking* up shallow hills (maybe 3-5 degrees!). I was going to run Back Cove today but instead rode my Bike - a 17.4 mile roller coaster in which I crossed the E. or W. branch of the Piscataqua R. in 6 different spots (The E. branch is what Ian jumps across at Twin Brook). I was motivated to bike because I drove down to Norwood MA west of Boston to buy a mid 90s Jamis Aurora that I picked up for $200. The Jamis Aurora is a touring bike - I bought it because I'm attracted to steel frames instead of aluminum, which is the other metal one can get if one is only willing to spend $200 on a bike. I'll use it as a second road/commuting bike and also let my kids use it so they can try out a road bike. It was nice to get a 1 hr workout without further damaging my arse. Still, I don't like biking nearly enough to replace any real running with it.


  1. I hate injuries....they really get in the way. How will this affect running Pineland Sunday?

  2. Good question. Potentially worse is Mt. Washington since the gluteus maximus is the major hill climbing muscle and I suspect that Pineland will aggravate it, since I'm planning on doping up on ibuprofen and running hard!