Sunday, May 10, 2009

Final fifteen

In preparation for the Pineland 25K, I've got in 15 mile runs the last two Sundays but the similarities end there. Last Sunday was extreme - hilly, rocky, rooty, bloody - and took 3:50. Today's run was on Falmouth roads and took 1:59. I tried to keep a sub 8 pace while keeping HR below 140 (80% of MHR) despite some good size hills (the first hill sort of dwarfs the other three). So it was good to get in a 15 miler at (close to?) my race pace for Pineland (of course that will be on a hilly trail).

On another note, I felt some plantar fasciatis pain at the start of my run yesterday and felt it *very* mildly this morning. Didn't feel it on the run today but I feel it now, or maybe my feet are just sore from running on the road for 15 miles. Looking at my notes on my last PF episode, I was doing a lot of runs in the Nike Free. Since then I've not done much running in the frees, except for the occasional race. But I did both my Wed and Thur Back cove runs in the Frees. Do Frees give me PF? Who knows. But I think I'll get out and run a mile barefoot on the soccer fields tomorrow for some active recovery and foot strengthening.

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  1. Wow!! Sub eight for 15 miles at under 140 HR ... sounds like you are going to do well at PF 25k.