Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lake Monster Paddling

Jim, Shauna, Cacky and I started the Lake Monster Paddling club yesterday. The inaugural paddle was a short jaunt from the landing to a little cove in Highland Lake, which is in the valley below Blackstrap Hill. Jim had his beautiful c1910 Old Town Canoe while Cacky and I had our c1970 aluminum canoe with all the beauty of a floating PBR can. We had to paddle against a stiff wind, so crossing the length of the lake was not in the schedule. But at least we were giving our tired and sore legs a rest. The swells in the lake were over a foot high, and at one point most of Jim and Shauna's boat was airborn (I bet you can guess which end was not). We finally pulled over into a little cove on the lee side of a peninsula and had a few beers and chatted as we'd slowly drift back into the heavy wind. We repeated this a few times. Paddling back to the landing was great but a little frustrating as it felt like I was on a surfboard trying to catch a wave but always failing.

Total Distance: 2.15 miles
Total Time: 2hrs, 27 sec.
Nutrition: 1 wee heavy, 1 old thumper, orange slices

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