Monday, April 13, 2009

Weekly Rap-up

If I had an ounce of creativity or even a hint of musical talent, I'd set this to a Beastie Boys tune and video it. Oh well.

Mon - day of rest (ok, I was consumed with programming all day)

Tuesday - 7+ mile run at Back Cove with Ian, Chuck, and Jim. Fast pace. When was the last time a TNR was at Back cove?

Wed - 12 miles of bike commute + 5 miles at Back Cove at even faster pace than TNR (ok, its good to get out running again)

Thur -12 miles of bike commute + 6 miles of trail running on Blackstrap with the dogs

Fri - 12 miles of bike commute

Sat - 12+ miles at Pineland with everyone at right. Quickish pace. First 8 miles felt strong but legs quickly noticed the pace and distance by start of Oak Hill. The dip in the pond at end felt great!

Sun - 6+ miles with James and dogs on Blackstrap. James kept going and completed the climb-o-rama loop backwards.

Running total - about 37 miles/5 run days. Too much too soon? I started off super slow last spring with many, many walks and 2 mile runs. Worked like a charm. I'm shooting for 40 mile weeks generally with close to 50 miles during peak weeks.


  1. note - James didn't actually run backwards but he did the route in the reverse direction!

  2. OH.....I was impressed when thinking he ran backwards for 6 miles!!