Saturday, April 18, 2009

How to win a race

1. Host a race on your home course with lots of turns and hills so you know where to turn and when to slow down and when to hit the gas
2. Have said race on Boston Marathon weekend so that 1/2 the field is away
3. Only invite friends that train for 100 mile runs, but make sure the race is no more than 5 miles.
4. Be sure to encourage entrants to run the course just before the race to "get to know the course".
5. Run hard and hope #1-4 did their job!

amendment #1. Make sure Gnarls "would have done the race as a cool down to my scheduled 30 miler and still beaten Jeff" Barclay is working that day


  1. Very nice! Sounds like a great run. Sorry to have missed it!

  2. you forgot to mention hold it on a weekend when Gnarls is working, sorry I missed it sounded like a lot of fun, well done on a superb race and finish!!!!

  3. True dat, gnarls! And Sparkplug, there's 40-50 more of these before I retire from hosting races!

  4. Thanks again Jeff - awesome day!