Friday, April 17, 2009

Blackstrap Heaven - The Other Side of Hell: Course Info

Blackstrap Heaven - The Other Side of Hell is on for 9AM tomorrow! James, Mory, Rodney, Sasha, and I flagged the course today. Like it's name, this is heaven compared to the other side. It's only 5.3 miles and has only 770 feet of elevation gain. Despite the fire warnings today, there is plenty-o-puddle along the route, including a couple that will require high-stepping. You'll need to pay attention to the orange flags and arrow signs too, which is part of the skill of the game. Come out early and run the course before hand. An easy pace will get you through in 1 hour. Just remember to turn right onto Hardy Rd. after the orange flags stop and you find yourself on a dirt drive beside a bunch of trucks. That's right, the last 1/3 mile is on the road.

Afterwards, we will be eating a hearty breakfast, so bring something to share!

Directions to the parking area are here.

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  1. bringing eggs, potatoes & a skillet... will need your stove!!!