Friday, April 3, 2009

Need to find the running mojo

I skied Oak Hill today - but more on that later...

I've had a hard time this week finding my running mojo. I did run twice, on the roads, on Tuesday and Thursday. A little over 5 miles each. But I've not been too motivated. Part of this demotivation is due to the dreary spring weather we've had this week. Not a good excuse. Part of this demotivation has resulted from biking to work this week (since I get excercise biking, why run?). Still not a good excuse. Most of the demotivation, though, is the direct consequence of my motivation to program. A little background. From about age 22 to about age 39 I spent most of my waking life sitting in front of a computer programming the code necessary to compute some statistic or simulate small insect flight or visualize shape differences. I didn't get out much.

But I programmed in Pascal, a thriving language in 1990 but the Latin of computer languages by 2000, when I started my job at USM. Fortunately, I was able to keep programming in pascal and re-purpose my old code because Apple did a bang-up job simulating the old system 9 OS in Mac OS X. But the times they are a changin' and I wasn't changing with it. Starting in about 2004, I had effectively stopped programming, because I was too resistant to really dive into a new language. So my research productivity dropped sharply after 2005 and, not coincidently, my outdoor recreational activities rose sharply! But my trip to Colorado last week re-motivated. I'm now using R. And I'm now sucked into the vortex of my programming life and can't get out to run. Just like 1995.

So, back to the ski. Yeh, 5+ miles on Oak Hill. The snow was surprisingly hard and icy - not so good for skiing but I guess ok for running. It took me a while to get into into but once I decided that my rock skis really are rock skis and I could lightly jog across the bare spots without de-skiing, it became much more fun.
M - nothing
T - bike 2X 6 mi, run 5 mi
W - bike 6 mi, bike 10 mi
Th - bike 2 X 6 mi, run 5 mi
F - ski 5 mi


  1. That spring spirit will hit you like a ton of bricks soon!!! Your legs will just plain start running and your mind will have to catch will happen

  2. The bricks may come in the form of the Mt. Washington auto road. Hopefully, I'll get hit before then!