Thursday, April 9, 2009

How to get dogs across the invisible fence

The invisible fence goes right up with duct tape, sliced bread, and blogger as a can't live without invention. The problem is, I cannot get my dogs to cross over the fence when I want to go for a run from the house. They sit on their butts and refuse to budge. So for the last three years, I've always driven somewhere to go run with them. This often resulted in running home with them to drop them off (they'll cross from the road side), then running back to the car. But I found the solution a few days ago. My car is parked on the side of the drive, parallel to the road, and about where the fence is. I open the non-street side door and they hop in and I take off their collars. I walk around to the street side door, open, clip on their leashes, they hop out and we take off! Cacky is worried what the neighbors would think after seeing this.

Today we ran up Blackstrap Rd to the Hardy road trailhead of the Blackstrap ridge trail. We did one down and up through the Skillin's tree farm then came back the same way. The trail is completely free of snow ( a little in the woods) and ready for some action.

I also ran back cove on Tuesday for the TMR TNR and wednesday at lunch. I log back cove as a trail run, although I always feel guilty doing this.

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  1. Funny about the dogs....there are so smart yet
    easy to fool at times. Of course I couldn't imagine wearing the collar and crossing that invisible line!