Saturday, April 18, 2009

Blackstrap Heaven - race report

Thanks to Mindy for taking the pictures...

When did DD starting selling these?

Why we run
Hey, where are all the women?
a. working
b. on their way to Ft. Collins
c. behind the camera
d. all of the above

Why we buy Weber portable grills

Results are here.

Jamie's report, starring Ryan as a carrot
Ryan's report

My race report: Perfect weather for running but too cloudy to get good views of Mt. Washington from the tree farm. Not that we were going to appreciate the view or anything. The usual spring pools were full and the creeks were running well, despite the week of dry weather. I set the pace hard on the first (road) uphill to get the race going and didn't really let up except when I stopped to reset a few orange flags. Ran fast on all the downhills and on the flats but everyone else seemed to run faster. Ran hard on all the uphills and this seemed to work in my favor. Had to push it on the final 1/3 (road) mile because James "I'm not strong at short races" Demer was gaining ground quickly and I new he'd catch me on the flat. Luckily, the ground ran out before he caught me.

Blackstrap Hell, of course, has no aid stations, but Blackstrap Heaven, as one would expect, did. The aid was coffee brandy provided by Ian P. and handed out by Randy W. who also volunteeried as videographer. Never heard of the stuff. Nice addition Ian!

Great food at the apres-race cookout. Lots of good stuff to drink and eat. Sarah and Ava Demer brought coffee (thanks!), John W. brought pancakes, someone else brought a sweet bowl of fruit, and Ryan T. brought donuts with a maple frosting topped with bacon. Ryan also won the strawberry preserves for "best strawberry" (gash occurred during race). John won the chocolate decadence spread for "mud highest on the body". And Mindy won the popcorn to sprinkle behind her on her next trail run for taking the "most likely to get lost had she not been called back" award.


  1. Thanks for being such a great host! Had a blast. You have great trails to run in your 'hood.

  2. Sounds like a great day... Had I not scheduled my only free weekend day for my scheduled long trail (test/run) I would have loved to join you guys. Them maple topped thingys sure looked pretty tasty.