Sunday, April 19, 2009

TMR SuMR @ Pineland

Pictures of Heaven have been posted to my race report from yesterday (thanks Mindy!).

This morning Team What's Snow , their buds Nate, Shannon, and Finley, Mindy & I ran at Pineland Farms. Maybe Ryan is still running. It was cool at the start, but since everyone was waiting for me, I, at least didn't get that cold. The trails are drying out nicely but deep muck spots can still be found. We took it at a nice easy pace with Mindy and I running the hills at the pace Ryan and Danielle were walking them. Whose HR was higher do you think? My Garmin 205 is misbehavin' again. I think it must be a loose battery connection inside. Plenty of juice but it spontaneously turns off. I turn it back on and it works fine. So now I'm in search of a good deal on a 305. Danielle shortened her run by doing the Oak Hill inner loop and Mindy and I stopped after Oak Hill while Ryan kept going, hoping to hit 20m. Mindy and I soaked our feet in the pond for a few minutes and then Danielle and I enjoyed the comfy leather couch and a gorgeous view of the rockpile while I had my (what is becoming) regular cup of coffee and cinnemon roll. I felt no guilt as I was talking to Danielle and Shannon in front of the Market as we watched Ryan making the 180 degree turn at the top of the stadium. Go Ryan!

Week totals
Run distance: 40 miles, all trails
Cycle distance: 30 miles, all road


  1. Great running with you, and hanging out with the nice view afterwards! Thanks for keeping the pace mellow for me :-)

  2. I finally tired.

  3. Sounded like a great run. I was there Saturday and the conditions were much better than I expected. I didn't think about stopping at the market after.....I will have to remember that next time.

  4. Great run at Pineland on Saturday Pathfinder!