Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ultimate run?

James Demer, Andrew Clemence, Mory-the-dog and I skipped Pineland this morning and, instead, ran James' version of the Rage mtb climb-o-rama. Part of this loop starred in the recent pair of Blackstrap Hell videos (and here). On the Hell side of the hill, there were no snowmobile tracks and we were running through 8-10" of fresh snow. The temp was low to mid 40's (I was running in shorts) but the snow was not slushy. This was all quite nice. We crossed Blackstrap rd. and did a short detour into the Hilfrank trails before returning to the snowmobile trails on the Skillins Tree farm side of the hill. The trails on this side had been packed by the snowmobiles and the snow was a little slicker and harder to run on. About 9 miles and lots of hill work. My legs are toast having not run in 12 days.

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  1. Sounds like fun....well except running in shorts....not sure but i think I would wear at least speedos. I ran in 10" of snow the other day and i was glad my legs were covered up...the run was nice though...something about undisturbed fresh powder...