Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hill Runs

This week has been a down week. Too much end-of-the-semester work. I did get in a fun workout with James Demer and the Falmouth HS nordic team on Tuesday on a 0.12 mi gravel road behind the high school. Five laps of hill bounding with poles followed by five laps of hard uphill running. Then the whole thing repeated two more times (minus one lap because practice ended). The elevation profile is kind of funny.
There are two humps too few because I accidently hit my stop button instead of my lap button and missed recording 5 minutes of my run. Following this run, my left pinky toe was wicked inflamed, probably from the narrow toe box of the inov8 mudroc 280. Following the run, my kids wanted to go buy games for the new xbox 360 they got for their birthday, so I missed the weekly Trail Monster Running TNR at Twin Brook. Either that or I wasn't in the mood to run through puddles.

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