Thursday, December 11, 2008


I was supposed to do a fartlek with the Falmouth HS nordic team today at Community Park. I got there but saw no one so went to the school. I looked around the school but saw no nordic skiers. Then I learned the school cancelled all after school activities because of the freezing rain that wasn't falling. So I drove home, grabbed Sasha and Rodney, drove back to the school, and did my fartlek on the roads. Five miles home with the dogs then five miles back out to my car. That is a back-and-out. The dogs and I averaged about 7:10 min/mi, which is a pb for them (at least while running on lead). I averaged 7:03 for the whole 10.2 miles and it felt relatively easy. Except my calves are burning from hammering the hills on Tuesday and now today. Being a fartlek, the pace of course, was very uneven (the green line below. Note the dog-marking pit stops and the throw-the-dogs-in-the-house pit stop).

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