Saturday, December 20, 2008

Minor nerve damage

But it was worth it. The FHS nordic team went to Jackson NH today - A town that has adopted xc skiing as it's raison d'etre. James Demer (who is the nordic coach) gave the kids only 1 goal: go long. So four of us decided to take on Hall trail and the maple something loop. This was a 1300 foot climb. 2 hours up. 30 minutes down. My gloves were soaked in sweat on the way up but quickly froze into an ice cube on the way down. Really. I couldn't bend my fingers to grip the pole. When we arrived (late) for lunch, my entire face was covered in ice and I had long frozen stalactites hanging down from where my sideburns would be could I grow facial hair. It's now 11 hours later and tips of 5 of my fingers still feel tingly and numb. It was totally awesome.

1 comment:

  1. Hall + Maple Mountain is a sweet loop...although, I can't say I like the ice cream headache ride on the way back down.