Thursday, December 25, 2008

At least I was on skis...

Christmas eve was a classic exercise in time mismanagement. No skiing...or running, but I did discover where to find a hookah when we next redo our Turkish smoking room. Today I snuck in an hour at Twin Brook before Christmas Dinner at my brother-and-sister-in-laws. The fields need help. The woods are largely holding snow, except for the usual spot on the C loop, but there was a fair amount of debris including a small pine tree completely blocking the trail near the roller coasters on the B loop. The snow itself was frozen ice that had partially thawed into thick mashed potato that was tracked up by skis, boots, and dogs, all of which made for challenging skiing. THE downhill turn on the A loop which is usually a challenge was simply skipped. And while I usually try to hammer the other downhill turns on the A and B loops, I sort of pussied them today. So it was generally a good balance session but not much of a workout; I'm not sure I even broke a sweat, which is unusual for me. But it was a strikingly sunny day and the fields were beautiful. And at least I was on skis.

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