Wednesday, July 1, 2009

mixed training

I'm probably going to run the Clam Festival 5 miler in a couple of weeks with my bro-in-law so I've been trying to maintain my running without wickedly aggravating the piriformis. Taking a day or two or eight doesn't seem to help much. In fact, running seems to keep everything a little looser. What really hurts is sitting on my ass all day.

I combined my uphill theory of recovery with a strength workout and did a threshhold run on the treadmill Monday - my second treadmill run in my life! 20 minute warm up, 15 minute threshhold (88-90% HRmax), and 10 minute cool down, followed by a 5 minute walk. All at 10% grade. Total climb was 2241 feet. Yesterday I ran an easy TMR TNR @ Twin Brook with Erik and Jim. Then tonight I ran the back cove 5K. I wanted to take it pretty easy but work in a little workout to continue the alternating hard-easy days. So my mile splits were 8, 7, and 6. The 6 min/mi pace should be about my 5K pace but I don't think I'm there. Good to see Ian, Lily, and Randy W. at the 5K. Also, my son Will had his fastest back cove run this summer even though he said he was going to take it easy. And my other son Sam bonked because he didn't eat all day until snarfing down 3 bagels just before the race. Typical 16 yo.

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  1. 15 minutes at 88-90% HR on a 10% incline. Now I know what I have to do to be as fast as Jeff...or kill myself. Awesome workout! Hope the piriformis starts behaving.