Monday, July 27, 2009

chiggers suck

Don't run florida trails...


  1. I have done a fair amount of running in Fla.....never heard of chiggers.....makes me want to scratch uncontrolably...

  2. I don't know if chiggers go by another colloquial name. I grew up in Florida and spent a huge amount of time in the woods and got chiggers every summer. You don't see them and don't know they are biting you until the next day, when you wake up itching. And itching. And itching. Black flies and mosquitos at least give you fair warning. SW Florida also has really nasty midges they call "no see ums". The no-see-ums in N. Florida don't bite. Those in s. Florida feel like teeny-tiny little knife pricks. There's also a great bug that inhabits floating vegetation in the plants that we called aligator bugs or hot bugs. I've never seen one but if you got bitten it felt like a bee or wasp on steroids. Not many people hang out in floating vegetation in Florida lakes but I did because they were full of cool salamanders and snakes.