Sunday, July 5, 2009


Nothing really exciting to report because I'm basically in maintain mode following the Pineland 25K and Mt. Washington RR. Not running didn't seem to help my piriformis so about 1 week ago I finally decided to just keep running, but generally slow and not too many miles. So this week I got in 36 miles, my most since the week prior to Pineland. Sad huh? My long run this week was 9.75 miles. Even sadder. And my strength/speed work consisted of doing a threshold run on the treadmill and doing an 8-7-6 min/mi progression at the back cove 5K. My new issue of Outside mag (the June issue which arrived July 3rd) has an article stating that the new wisdom in the sports med world is to train through injury (not intensely but to maintain activity). Already doin' it.

M - Threshold on treadmill all at 10% incline. 20 min easy, 15 min hard, 10 min easy, 5 min walk.
T - TMR TNR @ Twin Brook 4.4 miles, 51:53
W - Back Cove 5K, laps: 7:52, 6:52, 6:01
Th - Back Cove 3.75 mi, recovery pace
F - Back Cove 5.5 mi, easy pace
S - Pineland, 9.75 mi, easy pace, last mi was barefoot in grass
Su - Back Cove, 5.3 mi, easy pace

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  1. I think I agree with training through injury as long as we don't push too hard and agrivate the thing worse. Control and runners do we even understand those terms?