Thursday, July 9, 2009

Back Cove 5K aggravation

(notes for training log...). My left butt/piriformis soreness has finally started to really recover despite the fact that I've not done anything but run (that is, no stretches, no massaging, no strengthening, no spinal adjustments, no ibuprofen, no icing, no orthotics, etc. etc. etc.). This has been about 6 weeks, which isn't bad for a musculoskeletal injury. But I still have more recovery to go and there will be setbacks.

Like today. The last two weeks I've included two semi-hard sessions per week in my training: (1) a treadmill climb (10-12%) at threshold pace and (2) a little interval or 5k race pace at the back cove 5K. Since I'm likely to do a 5 mile road race next week (Clam festival), I decided to do only a single hard run this week - a three mile threshold pace run at the back cove 5K. My goal was about a 6:35/mi pace but I did 6:31, 6:26, 6:24. I also decided to kick the last 75 meters or so, which I haven't done at all for 6 weeks. The good news is that the threshold pace seemed pretty easy, which means that I'm in better fitness than I thought or my threshold runs from the past have been too hard, or maybe it was just a good night.

The bad news is my left butt is a little worse for the wear. I definitely feel it more while sitting on the couch and watching the Tour de France than I have the past few days. Not bad but I aggravated it a bit. Since I did a mile at 6:00 last week, I don't think it was the pace but maybe it was 3 miles at 6:30 or maybe it was the kick? Never add/subtract two things if you're trying to figure out what works!

Ah well. Nothing but easy runs until next Saturday's race, although running at Mountainy pond will require some steep downhills and running on very uneven terrain.


  1. I'll bet it was the kick that agrivated the injury. That long stride and faster turnover puts a lot more stress on the muscles.

  2. it seemed so innocent at the time, too.